Log Management

Log Manager is one of the first log management services to use on-demand architecture to automatically collect, transmit, analyze and archive log data on an enterprise-wide scale. Log Manager collects, aggregates and compresses data. SeeGee makes log management simple, with:

  • Automated data collection and archiving
  • Quick, easy, browser-based access to all historical log data
  • Automated alerts showing potential compliance and security activity needing action
  • Customized reporting and data retention
  • Encrypted, compressed data transmission
  • Single, centralized data management
  • Fully redundant and secure data storage
  • Fast, fully indexed archive search
  • Collect, consolidate, report, analyze and archive log data

Log Manager helps your organization easily:

  • Meet legal, regulatory and audit requirements
  • Regularly review security information
  • Quickly identify potential hidden compliance-impacting and security threats
  • Improve response and resolution to security, performance and availability issues
  • Analyze security trends
  • Investigate incidents with powerful forensics features
  • Lower the cost of superior network security and compliance

Save time and money with an enterprise Log Manager solution. Contact us to find out how you can put powerful tools in the hands of your security, compliance and audit teams to meet government and industry regulations.


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