Log Monitor

SeeGee Technologies expertise lies in being able to monitor and analyze events that affect the smooth running of your IT environment. SeeGee’s log monitoring services ensure that all details of all events are effectively and securely captures for management and analysis.

Whether we are log monitoring your server, datacenter, cloud environment, or network, SeeGee understands that this information is vital to ensuring the security, efficient management, and smooth running of your IT services.

Log monitoring also allows SeeGee’s consultants to be alerted should an event be occurring – our log monitoring services log events in real time, and allows us to prevent downtime.

SeeGee’s IT consultants are aware that any downtime can potentially cost your organization a significant loss – log monitoring allows our consultants to learn quickly from events and to put into place proactive security measure that prevents similar issues from occurring again or from causing even longer downtimes in the future.

SeeGee is committed to innovation and providing ongoing value to our clients. We are your single source for superior managed service and support needs for today and into the future. Contact us to learn about how SeeGee can address your Cloud security requirements.


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